Evyan Roberts


Evyan joins the Healing Harmony Health and Wellness team bringing compassion, focus, passion, unconditional positive regard, and out of the box thinking to the practice. Her particular area of interest underscores intersectionality as a core part of her work, where she sees all features and facets that make up a person. Evyan integrates empowerment as part of her work, where she ensures a client centered focused approach. She ensures that people who feel misunderstood in society or in their own lives find their voice, while also incorporating how the people’s overall environment plays a role in their lives and development. Evyan is able to take a unique perspective in understanding how trauma plays a role in self-development, development in the world and development in life. She takes a client-centered approach, really ensuring the return of self: self-esteem, self-worth and self-empowerment.

Evyan has a particular focus in working with those who feel misunderstood, undervalued in their lives and in society, including but not limited to: women, women of color, trauma survivors, domestic violence survivors, sexual assault and harassment survivors, medical conditions, grief and loss, ambiguous loss, indigenous populations, and LGBTQIA+. She brings to the table an understanding and integration of intergenerational trauma, which allows her to support clients in rewriting their story, challenge their cognitive distortions, empower change, and provide solutions to long standing issues.

Evyan graduated with a Bachelors in English with a concentration in Creative Writing from Wells College, and a  Masters of Social Work from Widener University with a Specialization Certification in Social Work and Trauma Practice, and is a member of the Phi Alpha Honor Society. She creates a client centered approach bringing therapeutic interventions including motivational interviewing, harm reduction model, narrative therapy, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), person in environment, strengths perspective, bibliotherapy, somatic experiencing, and mindfulness.

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