Providing trauma-informed therapy For Children, ADOLESCENTS, and adults -- Individual, couples, and family counseling

Trauma and its related issues include:

  • PTSD 
  • Trauma 
  • Self Esteem 
  • Social Anxiety 
  • Military related issues 
  • Crisis Management 
  • Performance Anxiety 
  • Picking and other related disorders
  • Managing Bullying and other school related issues
  • Testing Anxiety
  • Play Therapy for Children 
  • Sandtray Therapy for Children

Healing Harmony Health and Wellness team assists clients in tackling all forms of trauma, including PTSD, anxiety and depression,  permeating all aspects of life-both individual and interpersonal, by offering a highly personalized approach tailored and designed to each person in achieving their personal growth. Everyone's reactions to trauma are different, as they are shaped through the lens of prior experiences. We work successfully with decreasing trauma symptoms in children, adolescents and adults.  

Sandtray and play therapy are integrated to facilitate and increase the child’s confidence inside and outside of therapy.  Parent child interactive therapy is designed to retrain positive parenting-child relationship, by creating limit setting and increase in enhancing closeness with children, while increasing in children's resilience and prosocial positive behavior.

For adolescents and adults, the Healing Harmony Health and Wellness team create a warm, empathetic, non-judgmental and self-honoring environment that increases in their ability to develop positive tools and coping strategies to navigate through their challenges and fears. We also works closely with veterans and personnel on active duty, as well as with civilians.  

We meet your needs by customizing treatment to suit the unique and special needs of each person, offering a strengths-based approach and cognitive behavioral therapeutic techniques to increase the person's abilities to cope, increase self-esteem, advance personal resilience, reignite hope, and forge a new sense of balance.

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