Parent-Child Interaction Therapy​

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Wanting to learn lifelong parenting skills? Tired of doubting if “you’re doing it right?” or wanting to enhance your ability to connect on a deeper level with your child? Then PCIT is right for you.

PCIT is parent-child interactive therapy. Our goal is to enhance your relationship with your child and give you lifelong parenting skills.


Who can benefit from PCIT?

If you are a parent with a 2 to 7 year-old child exhibiting the following behaviors, PCIT could be the treatment for you:

Does not listen to adults

  • Has temper tantrums
  • Takes or breaks other’s things
  • Hits or kicks others
  • Can’t sit still
  • Can’t play alone
  • Has difficulty taking turns
  • Difficulty with bedtime

PCIT has been shown in numerous research studies to improve child’s challenging behaviors like these that may strain the relationship parents have with their young children.


PCIT is designed to enhance and promote positive parent-child interactions. It increases resilience, emotional regulation, frustration tolerance, and self-esteem in children while creating healthy limit setting and compliance management in parenting. It streamlines parenting and takes away the need to negotiate with your child.

 “Short term treatment, long term benefits.”

Streamlines parenting.”

On average, PCIT is about 16-20 weeks. There are two phases of treatment: CDI, child directed interaction, and PDI- parent directed interaction.

  • Child-Directed Interaction
  • The parent follows child’s lead
  • PRIDE skills (Praise, Reflect, Imitate, Describe, and Enjoyment)
  • Ignore annoying behavior
  • Control dangerous behavior
  • Parent-Directed Interaction
  • Parents learn how to help their children behave
  • Parents learn how to help their children listen  

How do I learn the PCIT skills?

You will learn the skills of PCIT from in-session, direct coaching by your therapist. As you and your child play, your therapist will give feedback and direction to you through an earpiece worn by you. Out of session, you will be given homework to practice the skills you learn in session to create long-term mastery.

Why the live coaching?

Part of PCIT’s success in helping parents and children is the learn-by-doing approach that drives the program. Live coaching helps parents learn what they are doing well and provide in-time and real-time support with skills they may have more difficulty mastering. 


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