Shana has been my therapist for almost 3 years now. I felt almost as comfortable with her the first day as I do now - and I share that to illustrate just how warm, compassionate, and empathetic she is, how immediately she can make clients feel at ease. Of course, you don't always feel at ease in therapy. There have been a number of days I've left feeling out of sorts. But that's because she helped me turn over stones that'd been left undisturbed for too long. The best therapy is to help us deal with issues we can't ourselves, and that can often be painful, but Shana is absolutely someone I feel safe being that vulnerable around. 

She's also totally fair; you know she's in your corner, but she won't hesitate to point out times that you're being unfair, to yourself or others: which, again, is a vital thing to confront in therapy. Our sessions are primarily focused on my own issues I want to work through, but the couple times I've brought my husband I would feel briefly consternated, because I wanted her to be in my corner - as she is - but instead she is fair to us both and wouldn't let me steamroll him. It's something I need pointed out, and makes me appreciate her all the more.

I've been seeing Shana through teletherapy for the past year, and I love it. It makes it even easier to see her, as I can do it with my daughter home, just occupied in another room. It let me have a session even when I was out of town for a period of time. Shana is flexible, understanding, incisive, intuitive, relatable, and really just everything anyone would need for a therapist. I couldn't recommend her more highly.


Shana provides a warm, welcoming, and compassionate environment for all clients. Her expertise and commitment to addressing trauma and other behavioral health conditions make her a vital asset to the mental health community.  She is constantly growing professionally in order to be the best provider she can be for all of her clients. I always say I wouldn’t refer a client to a provider I wouldn’t refer one of my family members too, and with Shana, I would refer my family to her!


Shana is an amazing therapist!! She really listens to what you have to say and will consider it all when trying to help with issues. I have been in therapy for a year and a half and it has been so much help. Shana keeps me from discounting myself and will help me progress through my problems. Her tips are so helpful and she explains them in an understandable way that makes sense. Scheduling is super easy; Shana is pretty flexible and can help me schedule sessions that fit into my own schedule. She is absolutely incredible at what she does and is a great therapist.


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