What is trauma?

Trauma is something that shatters your world completely. It changes the way you relate to yourself, yourself and the world, the world with you, and your general world view. 

Big T trauma:

Big T trauma, results in post traumatic stress disorder, and little T trauma results in a altered in the day in day out engagements. Big T traumas result from a shattering of our physical and sexual safety. Big T trauma includes situations such as war, sexual assault, rape, car accidents, natural disasters, and domestic violence. 

Little T trauma:

Little T trauma stems from shattered romantic, friend or familial relationships, major changes that you “just can’t get over,” bullying, unexpected medical ailments, chronic illness, social engagements, disordered eating, body shaming, and embarrassing moments. 

Impact of trauma: 

These events shape the rest of your interactions with the world going forward. You start feeling on edge, your guard goes up, trust decreases, appetite changes, relationships change. Sometimes, you isolate more, feel more misunderstood. You may experience flashbacks, nightmares, daymares, persistent negative beliefs about the world, unexpected changes in mood including increased irritability, unexplainable anger, and interrupted sleep. Getting trauma treatment from trauma experts will improve your symptoms and give you more agency in your life.

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